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Your destination for a casual, family-friendly dining experience. Enjoy our famous pupusas, tacos, menudo, and more in a relaxed setting perfect for sports fans. Savor affordable, authentic Mexican cuisine, including enchiladas, carne asada, and seafood, complemented by our renowned margaritas and micheladas. Join us for a flavorful adventure that's great for the whole family!

About Us

Welcome to El Caracol, a family-friendly gem in Vacaville since 2014. Owned by Yaneth, originally from Guatemala, and her Mexican husband, our restaurant blends rich culinary traditions to create a unique dining experience. We pride ourselves on being a local, family-owned establishment where affordable prices meet authentic flavors. Known as one of Vacaville's best spots for traditional Salvadorian pupusas, we offer a casual atmosphere where the owners themselves are often found ensuring every guest feels at home. Join us for a taste of family, culture, and deliciousness at El Caracol.

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Darren J B.

YES!! They Do Catering and It's Fantastico! We ordered Rice, Beans, Grilled Chicken and Carne Asada. It came with all the extras, Tortillas, Cheese, Onions, Cilantro and Limes. It was ready on time, as promised! Everyone at my daughter's Baby Shower loved it ! I highly recommend! El Caracol in Vacaville.

Chelsea L.

So this review is based off of the pupusas. I placed an order in advance and ordered 4 plain cheese 2 cheese and loroco and 2 chicharrón. Let me just say they were delicious. Pupusas were WAY bigger than I expected (about the size of a super taco tortilla) definitely my go to spot in Vacaville for pupusas when I'm craving them.

Tony B.

We live down the street and we we're looking for some Mexican food when we saw this place that's also Salvadorian food. We ordered pupusas, asada beans and cheese, and chicken bean and cheese! A great pupusa spot right down the street!!

Alex M.

I really like this place. Prices are very reasonable and the food is great. Is it some crazy good Mexican food that's unlike anything you've ever had before? No. But it's good, solid Mexican food that is consistent and won't break your bank.

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Call El Caracol now to place your order or reserve a table! Experience the best of Vacaville's culinary delights. Dial (707) 446-4715 and let us bring the flavors of El Caracol to your plate. Don’t wait, your next delicious meal is just a phone call away!

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